Winery Bründlmayer

Our treasure, our wealth – are our vineyards!

Willi Bründlmayer and family have been managing their winery since 1980 – consisting of the vineyards, their ancestral home as well as state of the art wine cellar. Plus, its people – all family members and motivated employees who respect their product, the wine, and do their best all year round to refine it.

Willi Bründlmayer and family love and respect their vineyards in Langenlois, 70 kilometers’ northwest of Vienna at the intersection of two valleys, of Kamp and Danube.

The wooded hills of the Waldviertel shelter the vineyards from icy northwestern winds. During the day, the sun heats the stony terraces; during the night, cool fragrant air from the woods drafts into the Langenlois basin. These geologic and climatic contrasts characterize the wines.

„Connoisseurs rank these wines among Austria’s prime because of their depth and refinement, in addition to having the highest storability,” writes Rudolf Steurer, author of the renown “Austrian Wineguide”.

The art of wine-making

Orchestrating great wines is always top priority – and is adapted to the different grape varieties:

Plain single-grape wines deliver a crystal-clear interpretation of their variety. Classic vineyard site wines focus on the interaction of fruity grapes with different soils. And complex reserves or mighty November harvests of prestigious sites bring out all resources of the individual Terroir.

Willi Bründlmayer: “The art of wine-making consists of composing a melody out of the interplay between a natural product, grown on vital soil as it morphs from vine, grape over must to wine. The wine tells its story – of soil, heat, cold, storm and rain, the landscape and the people it came in contact with.”

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