Pinot Noir Reserve / Series 1

Limited to 51 spoons

The barrel is from vinery Schloss Gobelsburg
TheCookingSpoon PINOT NOIR Reserve 2012 / First Series

Schloss Gobelsburg, with its history as a vinery documented all the way back to 1171, has always worked with regional wood for its wine barrels. In cooperation with Schneckenleitner cooper’s shop this is seen as an essential part in the artisan craft of wine making.

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Schloss Gobelsburg, Österreich

Schloss Gobelsburg, with its documented history since 1171, has been working with regional wood to make its wine barrels for ages. In cooperation with barrel maker Schneckenleitner this has become an essential part of their wine-making craft.
Michael Moosbrugger

The wine

Pinot Noir is one of the identity grape varieties of the Cistercians, who’s origin is located in Burgundy (Citeaux). The rolling gravel floors at the southern end of the Kamptal are characterized by sediments of the Danube and Urtraisen (a tributary to the Danube). The wine matures in barrels from Manhartsberg oak. The wine is only slightly filtered and can contain a depot.

Schloss Gobelsburg, Österreich

Schlossstrasse 16
A-3550 Gobelsburg
T +43 2734 2422

The Winery: Schloss Gobelsburg, Österreich

The founding story of Schloss Gobelsburg winery goes way back: to a beneficence in the year 1171. After 840 years of wine growing tradition it belongs to the leading wineries in Austria. Since 1996, castle and winery are managed by Eva & Michael Moosbrugger.

SCHLOSS GOBELSBURG is the oldest, continuous winery in the Danube region’s Kamp valley (app. 80 kilometers west of Vienna) and can look back on a documented wine growing history since the 12th century. Cistercian monks from Burgundy were awarded a small farmyard in 1171 on which the tradition of the winery is founded. Since then, Schloss Gobelsburg has not only been one of the top wine business’ in the region, but in all of Austria.

Schloss Gobelsburg winery has been managed by Eva and Michael Moosbrugger (Falstaff Vintner of the Year 2006, Golden Glass Sweden 2007, since 2009 Top 100 Winery of Wine &Spirits Magazine) since 1996.

Focus is on red wines with grape varieties Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and St. Laurent; the latter winning in its variety in Fallstaff’s Red Wine Guide. Winery Schloss Gobelsburg is member of the “Association of Traditional Austrian Winemakers”, that aims at establishing a classification of vineyard sites in the Danube region.

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