WienWein Normalzeit

Anybody who has been to Vienna knows them – the dice-shaped public clocks, telling you the time wherever you go reliably since 1907. NORMALZEIT’s iconic design has long also been a favorite in private households and as a Vienna souvenir.

In honor of this revered Vienna symbol’s centennial anniversary, art trading company Lichterloh is launching the special brand “Normalzeit” together with other Austrian businesses representing the country’s great tradition in arts & crafts.

BarriqueAffairs and TheCookingSpoon are joining this artistic tribute: Together with WienWein – the association of six major Viennese winemakers – we have developed a strictly limited edition of 1907 “ViennaWine time” TheCookingSpoons.

Although just recently introduced, BarriqueAffairs’ TheCookingSpoon - carved out of Barrique barrels from Austria's best wineries – became an instant, sought after success. Now it is also available in the special limited “Normalzeit” edition – its precious wood supplied by six renowned Viennese wine-makers providing you with unforgettable aroma.

Next to the special edition of TheCookingSpoon WienWein 1907 – Lichterloh has expanded into the following “Normalzeit” design products: water glass, coffee cup, tea cup and box as well as tea mixture, wine glass and wine edition.

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WienWein, Österreich

With its expanse of 700 acres the wine growing region surrounding Austria’s capital Vienna is not one of the largest. But Vienna is the only wine growing region in the world, which is located entirely within the city limits of a metropolis.
Obmann: Ing. Fritz Wieninger

The wine

The grapes of the Viennese Trilogy 2012 come exclusively from the vineyards of a smaller Viennese mountain called Bisamberg from the winery Wieninger.

The soil here consists of light, sandy loess on massive limestone in the subsoil.
The winery Wieninger, is a family business and operates by biodynamic natural viticulture in the city of Vienna. Highest quality, respect for nature as well as sustainability practiced for generations are the central values. The winery offers a wide range of natural wines that represent the uniqueness of the Viennese territory. The high-quality wines celebrate international tasting successes and are now exported to 37 countries on four continents.
Six winemakers, one city, and a high passion!


The wineries Christ, Cobenzl, Edlmoser, Fuhrgassl-Huber, Mayer am Pfarrplatz and Wieninger set the goal to make the quality and uniqueness of Viennese wine known throughout the world.

The valuable TheCookingSpoons are handcrafted from their barrels where your top wines mature.

WienWein, Österreich

Stammersdorfer Straße 31
1210 Wien
T +43 1 290 10 12

The Winery: WienWein, Österreich

Six vintners, one city, one passion

The Wineries Christ, Cobenzl, Edlmoser, Fuhrgassl-Huber, Mayer am Pfarrplatz and Wieninger joined forces with the goal of making the quality and uniqueness of Vienna’s wines known throughout the world. Their commitment to protecting Vienna’s vineyards is just as large.

Vienna – Capital of Wine

The Danube river creates a special micro-climate and divides geological zones. In addition, there is “Wienerwald”, Vienna Woods, a forested highland that reaches far into the city limits – bringing about a totally different climate in the south of Vienna than in the north and west of the city. The northern foothills of the Vienna wine region border the “Weinviertel” – “wine quarter” in Lower Austria. Its southern most vineyards merge into the “Thermenregion” with its Pannonian mold – named after the old Roman name for the Austro-Hungarian plain region.

Urban Diversity

Picturesque vineyards, moving from the north most Bisamberg, over the world renown Nussberg to the Maurerberg in the south of Vienna, proudly present themselves to any observer. They offer their vintners the best pre-requisites for vinifying expressive wines full of character.

This creates white and red wines of the most magnificent varieties, full of finesse, belonging to the best Austria has to offer. And they are more in demand internationally than ever.

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