Pfarrweingarten Morillon 2013

Limited to 50 spoons

Barrel from Winery Sattlerhof;
for TheCookingSpoon Pfarrweingarten Morillon 2013

The Sattlerhof winery has been a family owned business since 1887 slowly turning into a synthesis of the arts: Vintner Willi Sattler runs the winery, while his brother Hannes Sattler cares for his customers in the gourmet-restaurant and wine tavern.

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Sattlerhof, Österreich

Not only its first-class wines make a pilgrimage to Sattlerhof worthwhile, but also their unique art and architecture project: Four contemporary chapels, erected in the Sattler-vineyards – as symbol of thanksgiving for the wonderful fruit.
Willi Sattler

The wine

“Pfarrweingarten” in Gamlitz (Styria) is a small vineyard site in a sheltered, south facing basin planted with old vines. The steep inclines with excellent soil in shell and coral limestone feature mainly Morillon (Chardonnay) grapes.

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Sattlerhof, Österreich

Sernau 2
A-8462 Gamlitz
T + 43 3453 2556

The Winery: Sattlerhof, Österreich

Winery Sattlerhof is one of the leading, internationally renowned wineries in southern Styria; a family business that cultivates 100 acres mainly with Sauvignon blanc. Hannes Sattler invites guests to his exquisite hotel and restaurant to enjoy total indulgence.


The vineyard site stretches between Gamlitz and Leutschach, planted mainly with Sauvignon blanc. The unique composition of the soil – calciferous sands with muscovite, manganese and iron – as well as the altitude of the vineyards (450-550 MASL) gives the wines a highly distinguishable spiciness with substantive fruitiness.



SERNAUBERG is a vineyard site located in a south-eastern basin with very steep inclines (up to 70%; 385 MASL) planted with Muscatel, Sauvignon blanc and other grapes. The fine sandy soil offers ideal conditions for aromatic, floral wines with a silky-soft structure.



This vineyard site, sheltered in a small basin facing south (365 MASL) is cultivated only by Sattlerhof and offers prime conditions for all burgundies (Morillon/ Chardonnay, Pinot gris and blanc). The terrain of shell and coral limestone enables delicate yet expressive wines with a mineral spice to them („Gewürzsträußl“) and high aging potential.

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