Toni & Toni White Edition 2016

Limited to 28 spoons
Available in Toni Mörwald’s Restaurant and at Winery Anton Bauer

225l barrel (Cadus - franz. Eiche) Chardonnay 2015 from Anton Bauer
for TheCookingSpoon TONI & TONI WHITE EDITION 2016

Chef Toni Mörwald and Vintner Anton -Toni – Bauer from Feuerbrunn incorporate the Wagram region’s (between Vienna and Bratislava) culinary delights like no others. Their love of wine, terroir, of fine cuisine and indulgences unites them. Open-minded and home-rooted, they are Wagram’s top culinary ambassadors.

This product is a limited edition. Please consider the detailed information.

For questions regarding availability, please send us an email or contact the winery directly.

Anton Bauer, Österreich

It takes several years for the vine to sprout and until the first fine fruits grow. But time is of value here, it enhances the quality.
Anton Bauer

The wine

Chardonnay, 100% Barrique matured. Glowing yellow-gold. Delicate pear taste, underpinned by meadow herbs, light maracuja notes, and just a tinge of coconut and orange zests. Juicy elegant, balanced acidity, a bit of yellow tropical fruit in finish and a tobacco echo, fine food companion. |

Anton Bauer, Österreich

Neufang 42
3483 Feuersbrunn
T +43/ 27 38/25 56

The Winery: Anton Bauer, Österreich

Scrupulous cleanliness and careful handling of the grapes are my top pre-conditions in the cellar for pressing perfect wines. And then it all boils down to the factor time. Long contact with yeast not only brings more aroma, but also makes the wine more harmonious. They blend in the acidity better, they seem more thoroughly rounded and less aggressive. This enhances their certain creaminess, a typical characteristic for our white wines from Wagram, due to our loess soil. Bottling is scheduled late – only a finished, balanced and perfectly matured wine goes into the bottle where its “second life” begins.

Wine and Food – only drink wine with your meal. Not only true wine experts like Michael Broadbent recommend this, but everybody who enjoys a good glass of wine will be able to follow.

Combing it with a dish changes the wine, changes the dish – and if the wine is well selected something new emerges, that is more than just the addition of two initial products. A symbiosis, that benefits not only wine and food, but turns into a prime indulgence for the gourmet.

The character of Anton Bauer’s wines destines them to be a versatile accompaniment for many fine foods. They neither push themselves into the foreground nor do they overrule the taste of the food; they are the congenial partners.

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