Wiener Trilogie

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Barrel from Winery Wieninger 
for TheCookingSpoon WIENER TRILOGIE 2012

Wiener Trilogie 2012 grapes’ exclusive provenience are the vineyards on Vienna’s Bisamberg. The soil here consists of light, sandy loess with massive limestone underneath.

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Wieninger, Österreich

My dream of a winery full of high caliber international wines came true.
Fritz Wieninger

The wine

Wiener Trilogie 2012 is a Cuvée from 65% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot – thus they are harvested at different points in time. The first Zweigelts are ripe mid to end of September; the last Cabernets towards the end of October. The Barriques lie for about 20 months in their own cellar from the 16th century, are relocated again and again before they are assembled to the final Cuvée.

Wieninger, Österreich

Stammersdorfer Straße 31
A-1210 Wien
T +43 1 290 10 12

The Winery: Wieninger, Österreich

His consistent focus on quality made Fritz Wieninger start cultivating his vineyards according to organic guidelines. The result: Vital soil with healthy vines and high-quality natural wines.

Family owned and run Winery Wieninger practices organic viniculture in the Vienna metropolis. Over generations, highest quality, respect of nature as well as living sustainability have been their central values. The winery offers a wide range of natural wines representing the uniqueness of the Vienna wine region. Their high-end wines have achieved great success at international degustations and are exported to 37 countries on 4 continents.
Fritz Wieninger has more than 25 years of experience, and he stringently follows the guideline of quality. He was the trailblazer for the modern edition of Vienna wines and is often referred to as its doyen.

The natural and organic cultivation brings out spirited wines with character and an authentic taste. Every single bottle – from the entry-level segment to premium wines – is an excellent, authentic product offering perfect value-for-money. In the cellar, the wide range of wines requires individual approaches. Winery Wieninger combines traditional vinification with new methods. The cellar has the most modern equipment which is used in a specific mode for the grapes from every single vineyard to bring out its unique terroir. The sum of many little steps throughout the entire process makes the difference.

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