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TheCookingSpoon is proud to say that they've made it into the circles of the selected Wien Products companies!

Wien Products was founded in 1995 by the WKO (The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) and is meant to support selected local companies and cultural institutions. 

The current 51 companies and services stand for high quality products and highest production standart all of them capture the unique flair and special aesthetics of Vienna.

Jarno Trulli Edition powered by Hink

Jarno Trulli "NOMEN EST OMEN" Special Edition of TheCookingSpoon at the Ennstal-Classic.

Due to the anniversary 280 limited Ennstal-Classic Editon spoons were manifactured in the help of Jarno Trulli and his vinery Castorani. The spoon is 39cm in size and was made out of barrique barrels where grapes of the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo riped to NOMEN EST OMEN wine. A sustainable and exclusively valuable kitchen utensil.


For the first time a TheCookingSpoon was given exclusively to the attendees of the Ennstal-Classic taking place from 19.-22. of july at the mountains of Styria.

For the Ennstal-Classic founder Michael Mass and Ludwiga Drucker took FormulaOne racer Jarno Trulli on board. 280 spoons of the wine NOMEN EST OMEN from his vinery Castorani were manifactured."We're happy that a famous racing driver has supported us with his wine" so the founders. Even Peter Spak from HINK pastry was keen and became a part of this spoon-edition."Because creativity, passion and a mind for dining culture characterize our assortment, we wanted to support the idea of those spoons from it's start."

The once so important piece of cutlery get revived with this innovative kind of manifacturing. Back in the old days every guest brought their own cutlery with them. People were especially proud of their own spoons which they took good care of. The saying "Den Löffel abgeben" translated into "To cede the spoon" meaning "To peg out" originated at this time. The spoon was so precious that people bequested it to the younger generations.
With TheCookingSpoon we want every spoon owner to be proud of this important piece of cutlery again.

The new K+K Kirnbauer Phantom 2015 Edition

Our new spoon Edition from the vinery K+K Kirnbauer is limited to 117 spoons and was manually manufactured from barrique barrels of the Phantom 2015.
As launching campagne we held a big spoon event on wednesday in downtown Vienna.

The Phantom 2015 is now aviable in our Spoonshop (Webshop) or in selected retailer stores.

Look up how we transported the 3,5 meters long TheCookingSpoon intentually made for our Event at the Cuisinarum on our Facebook page. From "Am Hof" way up to "Singerstraße" everyone adored the big spoon. The spoon was carried by his inventor Michael Mass and manufacturer Jürgen Brandlhofer.

Shop our Phantom 2015 Edition here

"TheCookingSpoon – each one is an original"

We‘re starting to build a reputation! Our novel and exclusive TheCookingSpoon is back in new, wonderful editions. Thanks to the outstanding response it received, the sought after cooking spoons are now obtainable in our SpoonShop and at our renown SpoonPartners.

Gift yourself or your loved ones! The exclusive TheCookingSpoon is an outstanding choice – literally the perfect gift in excellent taste. No matter for which holiday or occasion, TheCookingSpoon is a unique gift and always absolutely “one-of-a-kind”.

Discover more – click through our website, read our story!
Looking forward to your order.

Your TheCookingSpoon-Team

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Meet “Toni & Toni“ TheCookingSpoon’s limited Edition

It’s the first TheCookingSpoon-series in cooperation between a celebrated chef and an eminent vintner. One is Toni Mörwald, one of Austria’s top 3-toque chefs. And the other distinguished vintner Toni Bauer from Feuersbrunn.

“Toni & Toni” epitomize a love for their home region, it’s finest wines and foods and the sustainable art of hand-making them into memorable culinary experiences. Their “Toni & Toni“ limited Edition (RED & WHITE) translates exactly these qualities into a timeless, high-end companion for any kitchen.

Both share a passion for their products and for culinary delights. Now they also share their very own, hand-made cooking spoon from Austrian company BarriqueAffairs, from a limited edition capped at 100. The treasured collector pieces represent the relationship to high-quality wine, food and cooking in the expression of sustainable crafts work.


A view into production

The haptic and sensuous feel of the wood, how it has been worked and its smell tells the individual story of each and every cooking spoon. The outer aroma layer disseminates its scent and the singular color distinguishes it.

TheCookingSpoon – brings tradition, hand-craft, a story and a special flavor to your kitchen.

TheCookingSpoon are hand-made from valuable barriques/wine barrels from selected (Austrian) wineries. Depending on the size of the barrel, 20 to 30 cooking spoons can be produced. The barrel staves are catalogued per winery and each cooking spoon receives a serial number of the back of its handle, referencing the name of the winery and the wine matured in it. A certificate in the package assets the authenticity of the spoon

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